Getting Started

Designing is hard work. It involves problem-solving, creativity, and communication. I enjoy finding the solutions that work for you. Here are the steps I follow when creating a design:

1.) Communication
The first step in any design process is communication with the client. Listening to your objectives for the design and any ideas of colors, photos or other elements that you would like me to incorporate help me to build a design solution that will work best for you. This communication can easily take place in person, on the phone, or through email.  Visit the contact page to get in touch with me.

2.) Research and Development
By researching the subject before constructing a design I can build a design with a better idea of your target audience in mind. Next I will sketch out some different design ideas on paper. This gets my ideas out in the open and gives the you some different options to choose from.  After the sketches are made I will show them to the you so you can pick the one you like best and request any changes.

3.) Build in the Computer
When the final design is chosen, I will begin building it digitally on the computer. For logos and other digital art I use a program called Adobe Illustrator to build crisp, high quality graphics. For designs that feature photos I use Adobe Photoshop to adjust photos for the best quality for printing or digital media. In the case of a website design I will build a more detailed comp image that, after approval, will be coded and built in Adobe Dreamweaver or a content management system like WordPress.

4.) Present to the Client
When the design is complete I will present the final result to the client for final approval. This is the last chance to make any final tweaks.

5.) Package & Send
After the final design has been approved and you have signed off on it, I will package the design in all needed formats and send it to you. You can then send your custom design to be printed or use it in whatever media is needed.