Sorry for this being a week late. I promise I didn’t give up blogging for Lent, I’m just really good at procrastinating sometimes! 😛 #MeaCulpa


1) Stations of the Cross mediations
It’s that time of year again! Lent is upon us and Catholics everywhere are spending the season walking with Jesus at His Passion and Death so as to experience a greater joy of His Resurrection at Easter. One of my favorite ways to pray during Lent is with the Stations of the Cross. These meditations go through the Passion of Christ and really help me to see the great love with which Jesus suffered for me. Beautiful!


2) The Way/Furrow/The Forge by St. Josemaría Escrivá
I got this book in the fall and it has been one of my absolute favorite saint books. Escrivá has a great way of writing that always gives me a much needed kick-in-the-pants to keep striving for holiness! This book is actually a compilation of three of his books that are written in the same style, with short snippets of wisdom organized by topic. Get to know this modern saint and let him help you on the way to Heaven!


3) My Frassati Wallet
I promise this is not just shameless promotion of products on the webstore. This is seriously one of my favorite things! I’ve had this little guy in my back pocket for almost 5 months now and it still looks great! I use this wallet to carry around all of my cards and a little cash and it’s done a great job. A bonus to having a saint on the front of your wallet is that it is a great conversation starter! When cashiers and waitresses ask me who it is I get to tell them about one of my favorite saints of all time. What a fabulous opportunity to share the faith! 🙂


4) Fading West by Switchfoot
I like a lot of bands, but as far as all-time favorites go, none come close to Switchfoot for me. They are a group of great, down-to-earth guys who love the Lord and make music about goodness and struggle, the joys and pains of life, the beauty and the ugliness in the world, and the question: what makes life worth living? Their newest album, Fading West,  is full of great tunes and even better lyrics. Give it a listen!